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My mission is to help people
lose weight 
and improve their health with Diet

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To learn the truth about diet and nutrition, I studied nutrition, reviewed hundreds of nutrition information sources, including recent research, and put together a book (Here) outlining the real science. The world is full of bad diet advice (see below) for many reasons from poor education, academic egos and bad research to malicious reasons usually based on profits.   To really help people I have made the information easy to follow.   The damage done by bad dietary choices accumulates over many years so that problems often appear later in life.  You can restore your health at any age.  I have put all the information in my book.  I also put resources here for you.

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Astonishing things I have learned:-

- “Healthy whole grains” are not really healthy.  (details)

- White flour is not that good for you. 

- Low salt levels may be more dangerous than high salt. (details)

- Dietary saturated fat won’t clog your arteries.  

- The officially promoted low fat / high carb diet (Standard American Diet) is, unhealthy for most people. 

- Some polyunsaturated fats may increase cancer risk. (details)

-The level of toxins in grains and vegetables is astonishing. (details)

- The five plus per day of fruit and vegetables has no basis in research. 

- Fruit and vegetables may not even be necessary for your health. 

- Breast fed babies are in ketosis

- Sugar has been linked to a wide range of 'diseases of civilization'. 

- Vegetable oils are manufactured using chemicals found in petrol. 

- Cholesterol may be the good guy.  (details)

- Older people with higher cholesterol live longer.

- Hong Kong residents eat lots of meat and have a long life.

- Your body does not need dietary carbohydrates or extra fiber.

- Heart disease is primarily caused by inflammation.


Check out my book here for more information including step by step guidance and more resources.

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