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Downloadable Meal Plans

 I have developed a series of meal plans to help you make the transition to this healthy way of living.  These are free with 1 page for each 1 week plan.  Mix and match the suggestions to make it more to your liking.  These meal plans are designed to be nutrient dense without sugar, white flour or seed oils.  Some items repeat weekly because I believe these are important for health, such as the sardines lunch and the lambs fry based dinner.  There are about 3 fish meals per week to add Omega-3 fats.  Items with (R) will at some point have a recipe provided but not available yet.

Week 1 Meal Plan

Downloadable Meal Plan for Week 1

Week 2 Meal Plan

My meal plans tend to be meat heavy.  New Zealand meat is almost always grass fed and grass finished so excellent nutrition.  In addition, it is almost always from regenerative pasture farms which sequesters CO2 into the ground as the grass grows which is good for the planet.  You can always serve smaller meat servings, but leaving meat out altogether can result in nutritional deficiencies.  Definitely not ideal for children and older people.

Downloadable mealplan for week 2

Week 3 Meal Plan

There are many repeats with these meals because it is quite normal to have a set of favorite meals which are cycled around regularly.   Over time, I will look out for new options and update these plans accordingly, to provide additional variety.   These plans are only suggestions which I expect you to take and modify to suit your own preferences.  Email me your ideas.

Downloadable Meal Plan for Week 3
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