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Now 5 Years Keto / Low-Carb

Sharing with you how to take back your health using food as medicine.

George Elder is an ex-IT professional turned Author and diet researcher, who lives in New Zealand with his wife, has two grown up children and three grandchildren.  He is over 70, has an MBA from Canterbury University, has a diploma in Nutrition and a Certificate in Sports Nutrition from The Nutrition Institute.  He is a keen outdoors person enjoying running, hiking, kayaking and cycling.  Since applying his nutrition research, his own health has improved and he is keen to help others to take back their health.

Here is our after pic,  see below for the before.

Before Keto

This is the best (or worst) "Before Keto" picture I could find.  Taken about 1 year before I started a Keto lifestyle.  Location is the mouth of the Spooners Range cycling tunnel in Nelson, New Zealand.  Not a very flattering pic!

Here is the before pic, the after is above.
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