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Free Low-Carb Diet Resources

 A one page sheet of 'Simple Food Rules' that you can put onto the fridge with a magnet, and use when preparing the shopping list or planning low-carb meals.

A one page sheet of suggestions from which to build simple meals.  

 A table of the best cooking oils, which lists most of the common cooking fats and oils showing their fat content and listing them from healthiest (Lowest PUFA) to least healthy (Highest PUFA)

A table of Anti-Nutrients.  Many people are impacted by the anti-nutrients in food, such as Gluten, Oxalates, Lectins, Phytates, Solanines, etc.   Here is a one page table to help identify them.

A list of the carbohydrate levels in common vegetables and fruits.  This table is color coded for low-carbohydrate choices using Green = best,  Orange = limit, and Red = avoid.

Suggestions about what to have in your pantry and refrigerator when living a low-carb / keto lifestyle.  This is the list that suits me but you should make adjustments for your own preferences.

The one page "Getting Started on Keto Guide".  This is a low-carb starter page from my book and can be helpful if you are wondering about making this change.

The  "Hormone and Fasting Guide"  for women.  This is an attempt to provide guidance about the best timing for fasting and for eating lower carb, based on the cycle of female hormones

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