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What I have learned!

My research has shocked me.  I have come to understand that many nutrition guidelines I believed to be based on good science may be myths.

-  That “healthy whole grains” may not really be healthy.  

- White flour may be very bad for us. 

- Low salt levels may be more dangerous than high salt.  

- Saturated fat won’t clog your arteries.  

- The officially promoted low fat / high carb diet (Standard American Diet) is, unhealthy for most people. 

- Polyunsaturated fat may increase cancer risk.  

-The level of toxins in grains and vegetables is astonishing. The five plus per day of fruit and vegetables has no basis in research.  Fruit and vegetables may not even be necessary for your health. 

- Breast fed babies are in ketosis. 

- Sugar has been linked to a wide range of “diseases of civilization”. 

- So called vegetable oils are actually industrial seed oils and are extracted using chemicals found in petrol. 

- Cholesterol may be the good guy. 

- The worlds longest living population live in Hong Kong and have the highest meat consumption.

- Apparently your body does not actually need carbohydrates or fiber. Read on..

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