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What I have learned on my journey finding out about human nutrition. My experience is to effortlessly lose weight, maintain muscle mass and reduce medications to zero.
What more could you ask for?
This blog is where I share what I have learned about nutrition and health. 
I have also published a book, "Take Back Your Health", available on Amazon as a paperback and e-book. 
I have read countless books and follow all the big names in latest nutrition research.  Take a read of the blogs, I think you will be astonished by what you learn.  I was.


Anti-Virus, Anti-COVID

Hi everyone. I just finished listening to the amazing Mary Ruddick talking about how to protect yourself from the more serious impacts...

How much protein should I eat?

There are many opinions about dietary protein levels. Here I have attempted to simplify the information to help you choose the best levels.

What is Metabolic Health?

In these days of COVID19 we hear that people with poor metabolic health usually suffer a much worse outcome from getting infected with...

Antioxidants to beat Cancer?

Free radicals are produced in your body as part of your immune system’s defensive activity, plus other activities such as response to...

Fibromyalgia beaten?

They identified a direct correlation between HbA1c scores and the Fibromyalgia.

Pizza Recipe found.

Pizza is easy and very much liked by us, and so when switching to Low-carb (Keto) we went looking for a good replacement pizza recipe....

Whole-grains, are they healthy?

If you follow conventional dietary advice you will recognise the expression “Healthy Whole grains” and you have been bombarded by a...

Are carbohydrates addictive?

Are some carbohydrates addictive. A number of researchers’ are taking this thought seriously and conducting studies to try and establish...

New 3rd Edition released

Preface to the 3rd edition. Have you ever heard of the ‘Dunning-Kruger’ effect? Part of this describes a condition whereby people with...

Changing your genes!

If a ketogenic diet can reduce brain seizures and lower blood pressure, then what you are eating really matters.

Keto for your brain

The world is taking notice of the link between what we eat and brain health. Take a look at this article from the Irish times where...

Low Salt, is it really healthy?

Is low salt really healthy? More recent research suggests that we may be healthier with a higher level than current guidelines.

Ketone Chemistry

The Keto diet has made ketones a buzzword, and people are buying measurement devices to find out if they are in ketosis or not....

Ketones are Good for your Brain

Research plus some peoples experience suggest a keto diet can assist with issues such as seizures, Alzheimer's, depression, and anxiety.


This might be the most important thing you can learn about your health. You know what happens when you damage your self such as with a...


It seems many people do not know about anti-nutrients. They are the bad guys and can substantially lower the nutrition value of food you...

Low Carb for Fertility

Human fertility seems to be declining. My research suggests that there are dietary ways to assist with this problem and increase...

Changing what's in the mirror

You are bombarded by messages about body shape and size which may create feelings of inadequacy. What to do? One option is to ignore...