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Take Back Your Health

Learn to use food as medicine.

In this blog I share what I have learned about nutrition and health.    I also published a book, "Take Back Your Health", available on Amazon.

I have a diploma in nutrition, and study good nutrition research.  Take a read, you may be astonished by what you learn. 

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Traditional Health

Just reading an opinion piece by Max Rashbrook in Stuff, titled "The half-hour trip that robs some Kiwis of 10 years". He clearly...

Picky Eaters

How do you deal with Picky Eaters?

My Letter to NZ Government

Letter to every New Zealand MP, Government Minister and Prime Minister Sent to every Member of Parliament and Minister of the Crown, on...

Anti-Virus, Anti-COVID

Hi everyone. I just finished listening to the amazing Mary Ruddick talking about how to protect yourself from the more serious impacts...

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