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Coming UP starting 19 Oct 2022

3 hours of Keto /Low Car workshops at Rolleston Library.  This will run over 2 x 1-1/2 hour sessions beginning on 19 Oct, 2022.  Booking essential through the

June 18, 2021,  Great News... I have graduated from the Nutrition Institute with a diploma in Nutrition.  Studied over the past 9 months & passed with 97.5%

May 20, 2021,  3rd revision of my book "Take Back Your Health" now available on Amazon as e-book and paperback.

April 4 2021,  New website went live today with 14 Blog posts and all working perfectly.

October 20 2020, New book "Take Back Your Health" reaches #2 in Amazon best seller,  90 minute Health, fitness and dieting short reads and #8 in Weight Maintenance Diets.

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Recent Reads

"End your carb confusion" by Eric C. Westman MD.   

This is a great read with lots of examples to back up his huge experience of treating patients with low carb diets.  Dr. Westman learned his initial low carb knowledge directly from Dr. Atkins, and has been applying this for many years.

"The Dietitians Dilemma" by Michelle Hurn RD.

A trained dietitian finds the standard dietary advice is failing her personally and does her own research and heals herself using a low carb approach.  Easy to read and another example of a practitioner who has updated her knowledge.

"The Great Cholesterol Lie" by Dr. Dwight Lundell. 

A great free book by a surgeon with experience of 5000 heart  surgeries.  He explains why he believes Inflammation is the cause of Cardio Vascular Disease.  

"Going Against the Grain" by Melissa Diane Smith.  

A comprehensive look at why refined grains and whole grains, which are so prevalent in conventional diets, might not be so healthy.  Details of the impact of these and options to help you avoid them including advice for social occasions.

"Ravenous - Otto Warburg, The Nazis, and the search for the cancer-diet connection".  By Sam Apple

A fascinating new release about cancer research, through recent history leading up to the most recent findings. A must read as it contains good health information..

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