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8 Days Keto

Updated: May 9

I recorded 8 days keto meals for your info.

Day 1

Breakfast: nothing.

Lunch: fried eggs, avocado, bacon and cherry tomatoes in olive oil with garlic and basil.

green tea.

Dinner: leg of lamb, carrots, peas, parsnip, roast fennel root, roast onion.

green tea, little piece of chocolate.

Day 2

Breakfast: nothing.

Lunch: at cafe in Littleton, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, sausage.

green tea.

Snack: keto chocolate slice and green tea.

Dinner: leftovers, pork, lamb, veges, roasted cauliflower dish, salad.

green tea, chocolate square.

Day 3

Breakfast: nothing.

Lunch: keto meat pie, cauliflower mash, home made vinegar and olive oil dressing (Geo).

George’s crackers, with chicken and cognac pate (Sue).

green tea.

Dinner: big dinner party group, each person brought a keto dish.

green tea, little piece of chocolate.

Day 4

Breakfast: nothing.

Lunch: pate with crackers and cheese.

green tea

Dinner: left overs, sausage, salad, cauliflower mash.

green tea.

Day 5

Breakfast: nothing.

Lunch: 3 egg omelette with cheese, spring onions and salad.

green tea.

Dinner: fish, Terakihi pan fried in green banana flour with mixed salad.

green tea.

Day 6

Breakfast: nothing.

Lunch: at cafe in Akaroa, Thai dish without the rice.

water to drink.

Dinner: Liver, bacon and mushrooms with broccoli.

Frozen blueberries with cream.

green tea.

Day 7

Breakfast: nothing.

Lunch: nothing for George, 24 hour fast.

Sue, crackers, with chicken liver pate.

green tea.

Dinner: Sausage and vegetables gratin with cauliflower, broccoli, onion, sour cream,

cheese and salad.

green tea, little piece of chocolate.

Day 8

Breakfast: nothing for George, Sue had a muesli bar.

Lunch: pate with crackers and cheese. (Sue).

Sausage, liver left overs, carrots, 2 stuffed capsicum peppers (George).

green tea.

Dinner: chicken and vegetables.

green tea.

Daily supplements are:

– Vitamin C

– Magnesium

– Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D

George Elder, Author, "Take Back Your Health", e-book and paperback on Amazon

Great Low Carb food, salad, whitebait and egg
Whitebait fritters yum

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